Hi! I'm Alice Zhu 👋
I'm passionate about user interface, branding, and language. Get to know me.
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A Pokémon themed webdesign, dedicated to my decades of love for this franchise. This site adapts simple designs on various pages, while others call back to specific game designs. I made all non-official graphics and vectors from scratch. Visit here


A video game themed video/streaming brand under an internet alias. I worked with my brand partner (friend) to design and display branding on various platforms such as Twitch and Twitter. I created, manage, and coded the website, which is a fully responsive WordPress theme. I also edit videos. Visit here

🌟 WordPress Themes 🌟

These are some of my favorite WordPress themes I've either made for my previous, now offline blogs, or simply for fun. I am a WordPress enthusiast due to its content management fluidity. This has led me to learn how to make WordPress themes while utilizing its gimmicks.

🌷 Visual & Interface Experimentation 🌷

Select projects that are now offline, designed for no specific content management system. Like everything else on my portfolio, these were all coded and designed from scratch. I love experimenting presenting different types of information in creative ways.

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I'm a strong believer in making projects ✨personal✨ both for owners and audiences. I've been teaching myself code and webdesign for over 14 years, and continue to learn (both independently & otherwise) today. My experience with customer service combined with my enjoyment with code & design makes me eager to create digital media with and for clients.

I have a love for experimentation and trying things in different mediums, whether it includes video editing, audio editing, or both, in addition to websites and programs. I'm also a huge advocate for cross-media accessibility. I aspire to work on mobile apps!

In 2016, I spent most of the year traveling the world 🌏


Web Interface HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, WordPress, FTP, cPanel, mobile responsive design
Code C++, C#, PHP, mySQL
Software Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Microsoft Office, Spreadsheets, tons more unrelated to my career ambitions, anything else you give me 20 minutes to learn
Hardware Apple & Windows, Xerox machines, pretty much any phone, smart or otherwise
Language in addition to English, Mandarin Chinese (conversational) & French (written)

And a bulleted list...
  • UI/UX Design
  • Visual & Interface Design
  • Conceptualization & Prototyping
  • Information Architecture
  • Web & Mobile Design
  • Branding/Identity
  • Graphic & Vector Design


Print/Sales Associate at Office Depot 2019 - present

• Coordinated with clients in-person & over the phone to help design order requests & review production quality.
• Created business cards, spiral bound books, canvases, posters, & other promotional merchandise. Provided proofs for exceptionally large orders before production.
• Operated Xerox machines, cutting machines, lamination machines, corporation-designated hardware and software, and other finishing hardware to assist clients and create products

Associate at the University of Iowa Main Library 2012 - 2015

• Assisted patrons with the library's computers and provided information on logging onto the Internet.
• Educated patrons on the use of reference sources, card catalogs and automated information systems.
• Maintained accurate records and confidentiality of library book and periodical inventory.


University of North Texas 2017 - 2019
• Minor in English, working towards Bachelor's in Computer Science
Relevant Classes
• Computer Science I & II
• Computing Foundations I & II

University of Iowa 2012 - 2015
• Published in Ink Lit Mag, Fall 2012
Notable Classes:
• Creative Writing Track: Fiction, Nonfiction, & Poetry Workshops
• Introduction to Media Production